Question Changed GPU from 1060 to 3070 but performance haven't really improved. Huh?!

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Feb 1, 2023
In cyberpunk I was able to use scaled down resolution and get around 45 fps at 1080p with mixed settings. On the same settings, give or take, same resolution, no RTX and with DLSS I get around 30-45 fps with the 3070. No way that's good. Also, it seems like not matter my graphical settings, I get roughly the same performance.
My cpu usage during cyberpunk is about 85%-95%

You made a contradictory statement where you claimed you used a scaled down resolution (1060), then later the same resolution when talking about 3070.

You are probably using settings that aren't available for 1060 and higher than on the 1060, which is the most plausible explanation.

There is also a thing called "law of diminishing returns", where performance does not increase linearly with more resources.

You state CPU usage is at 85-95%, but maybe not due to the game. You may have some bloatware (or trojan) running in the background. Reinstalling may have gotten rid of it.
The 9700K. It can be gleaned from the bjn file in the first post and in the UBM screenshots. And directly further down... Also, I did note that it should be listed directly.
Thanks Kyara, that was a great help! :D I wasn't able to view that on my work PC. This is actually what I was afraid of. If it's an i7-9700K, then the problem is definitely a CPU bottleneck. Tech Deals did a video once that blew my mind. Usually the guy is a chore to watch but in this case, he made one of the best tech videos that I've ever seen. He proved that, at 1080p, a "lowly" RX 6600 would be bottlenecked by an Intel i9-10900K. I advanced the video to 3:00 so that it'll be at that part as soon as you press PLAY:
Now, if an RX 6600 is bottlenecked by an Intel i9-10900K, just imagine how much of a bottleneck that an i7-9700K would be to an RTX 3070. It would be HUGE! I'm now 100% certain that this is the problem.

This whole thing screamed "CPU BOTTLENECK!" to me from the beginning, especially since I couldn't see which i7 he had. This video made it very clear that video card speed has outpaced CPU speed by A LOT. I think that people are looking at memory timings and CPU cooling when the answer is a simple CPU bottleneck. Sometimes you just have to look at the obvious because what makes it obvious is how common it is.