Question Changed GPU, now it won´t start up.

Jan 7, 2021
Hi, I changed my GPU from a Geforce Gtx 1060 to an Geforce RTX 2060. When I tried to turn on my computer after the switch, the pc just rebooted over and over again. lasting for 1-2 seconds. I tried to change the GPU back to the Gtx 1060, but the same thing happend over again. I thought the problem was the PSU (W500) when I tried to use the 2060, but now I don´t know if I broke my computer somehow by trying.
Does anyone know what I can do to fix this? or am I just dumb for trying, Thank you.


That PSU isn't the best, so I would agree with Nemsia that it is probably a PSU issue. If it goes, it won't matter if you put the old GPU back, it still won't work. I would start with getting a good quality PSU and replace it to see what happens. I would look at least a 550 W power supply, such as a Seasonic Focus, Corsair TX/RM or EVGA G2 model depending on what is available in your area.