Question Changed shipping location on Newegg and now i have a problem.


Jan 17, 2021
So,i am trying to build a cheap but decent(for its price)rig and i think the A8-7600 should be good cuz it has a pretty decent GPU(Radeon R7) and even has 512mb of vram and its a quad core cpu which makes it ideal for my cheap build.
But i wasn't able to find it on amazon or flipkart(this store is very popular in india)
So i went to ebay and only found overpriced A8-7600s so i did a little more searching and i finally found one on Newegg,the seller had already made a few sales and the reviews were pretty positive as well and it was also surprisingly cheap
But when i visited the page and changed the shipping location from the US to India,the page refreshed and Newegg said it was out of stock.
Does this mean that it cannot be shipped to India?
Or is there another way i can order it?


It's a third-party seller on Newegg, so it's up to them if they will ship things overseas. If changing your address made it unavailable, the seller probably doesn't ship overseas.

The RAM used is system RAM. The APUs have no dedicated VRAM. What is the use of this system? This was good for light gaming a decade ago. If you're trying to play modern games, you'll likely be disappointed.