Changing a server's connection on my university's ethernet


Dec 8, 2011

I'm a graduate Chemical Engineering student. I started not too long ago, and just after some of our major technical experts graduated. Our group uses CAD programs to design new chemical plants.

The CAD programs, largely part of the AspenONE software suite, require a complicated licensing scheme. Details aside, those who want to use AspenONE are required to connect to our "Aspen server" - an old Pentium II desktop running WinXP setup in one of our offices. This is done via IP address.

Before tomorrow morning, I need to unplug that Aspen server from the ethernet wall outlet to add in a wireless router - specifically a Linksys WRT54G. I'll plug the Aspen server into the router afterwards.

I have two separate questions. I would greatly appreciate answers to either, even if the kind responder can't answer both.

First question:
Do I need to setup some sort of port-forwarding scheme on the router so that other computers who try to contact the server via IP address still get in touch with it? Or what do I need to do here?

Second question:
Since the ethernet port is in my university, does anyone know if there might be special considerations that I'll have to make before plugging a router into it?