Changing Boot/system drives


Aug 29, 2011
I am installing a new SSD drive into my computer, want to load the OS onto it and remove the OS and system files from the ‘Old’ system (C:) disk.
I am running Vista on a 64 bit machine.
I have partitioned and formatted the new SSD drive and called it “system software”. I loaded the OS onto the “system software” drive.
When I reboot it shows 2 OS’s to choose from. I close one and go into “disk management’ and see that it booted from the old C: drive.
I reboot and choose the other OS and when I enter “disk management” I see that the disk labeled “system software” is now the C: drive.
But when I try and format the old system drive, I get the following error:
“Windows cannot format the system partition on this disk”
What am I doing wrong?

Where are the old drives physically located on the data cable ?
Did you change boot sequence in BIOS ?
What brand of HDD is the old drive ? -- Windows will not format it since it thinks it is a system drive but you should be able to get a HDD utility program from the maker of the old HDD that can format the drive (really any HDD utility will be able to but most manufacturers offer free downloads, but sometimes that program will look for the brand and refuse to work with other brand drives so best to get it from the drive manufacturer)