Question Changing carrier on an iPhone?


Dec 19, 2016
If this is the correct forum? Can an iPhone be purchased that was used on another carrier' s network to be used on the Sprint Network? The Apple folks were no help in this matter. Their only solution offered was to buy a bew iPhone from them directly.If this can be done, what is the process buy the used iPhone add it to my Sprint account?.

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It would depend on the specific model of iPhone. For example the iPhone X comes in the A1901 and A1865 models. US models that is. A1865 is fully compatible with US CDMA carriers (Verizon/Sprint) while A1901 is partially compatible (4G only). These are US models. There may be others around the world.

Verizon/Sprint models which are unlocked should be cross network compatible as they use SIM cards now. I believe this also applies to factory unlocked (carrier free) models. But I couldn't say that for certain or may vary by generation whether the carrier free model is GSM or CDMA + GSM.

This isn't a problem with just iPhones. This is something to be wary of with any smartphone. Whenever you buy a phone not supplied by your carrier. You must find the exact model number. As manufacturers have localized variants of the same model. Then make sure it supports the same bands as your carrier for full Edge, 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G, &c support. This is especially troublesome with imported phones.