Changing Graphics To another PCIe x16 Slot?


Jul 9, 2006
Hey Peoples, Ive got another question to ask..

Ive got a bit of a problem ive come into, I have just brought a new Asus Maximus Extreme IV Motherboard and a Gigabyte HD6990 Video Card, They both are working great at the moment,

However my sound card is not, its a Auzentech X-Fi Forte 7.1 with a PCI-e x1 Connection, After abit of research and reading i found out you can run a PCI-e X1 card in a PCI-e x16 slot.. Apparently, Ive hooked it up and the computer isn't detecting its there, The card is getting power as the lights are lighting up on the sound card, But its not coming up in Device Manager or anywhere, Would somebody know what the problem is here? so i have to adjust something in the BIOS to get it working?

OR alternatively Since the motherboard DOES have a PCI-e X1 slot already which is directly under the top PCI-e x16 slot the video card is plugged into.. Would i be able to somehow move the Video Card into the 2nd PCI-e x16 slot and then use the top PCI-e x1 for my sound card?..

I tried this idea for a moment till the display went all fizzy red and green pixels when then i powered the system down right away incase i toasted something. But putting the Graphics in the top slot made it all dandy again..

So what do you guys think i should do? .. I thought about just tossing it away and using onboard sound, But its pretty new and i dont really want to get rid of it just yet

So what can i do guys .. Thanks Heaps!

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