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Changing Main OS drive : 1TB WD BLUE to a 250GB SSD


Feb 2, 2016
Hiya, my names Elliott I'm 15 so don't use to many technical words :p ( joking but don't feel like you need to throw loads of words my way :p )

Basically I've built my PC a little under 6 months ago and was planning to install an SSD when i finally got the money together after the amount of time i had to save for my PC anyway so I got a WD blue 1Tb

....anyway as I've now orded my 250gb SSD I've only just realized i'm going to have a problem i was planning on cloning my drive to the SSD but have used over 750GB of my current drive so this is not an option.

I can obtain copies of windows 7 for free as I have family who work for a company who install it...so hes offered me a free copy, my current copy is not not OEM.

I was wondering is there away i can put a clean install on my SSD and run my current programs installed on my hard drive...gonna be honest i don't really know how it works i imagine there would be some serial issues or something i don't understand why i wouldn't be able to run my programs off a different hard drive while my SSD is my boot drive or would i need to wipe both and install the programs again while running my OS off my SSD?

or any other possibilities...my only reasoning agaist reinstalling everything is that i have ALOT of software to reinstall as i am graphics student i have the full range of Adobe CC 2015, CorelX7 suite,CAD/CAM software and a fuck tone of games so reinstalling is the last thing I want to do so if i can avoid reinstalling them I'm not to bothered I'd even remove other files if that's necessary.

Thanks for taking the time to read any questions feel free to ask! :)



In your situation you cant do what you want.
When you install programs it writes files in the OS and regitry. These files will be missing on the freshly installed OS. Games from Steam, Origin, Uplay, Glyph... don't do this and will work fine once you add the games Folder to the launchers library. Your graphics programs don't use this launcher method sadly.

There are a few programs that will migrate the OS off the HDD and to the SSD, none are free though. Migrate OS to SSD ($20)by Paragon Software has worked well for me in the past. Partition Wizard by MiniTool ($40) Easus Partition master ($40)also claims this functionality but I have never used these.