Changing my I need to re-install Windows?


Feb 19, 2012
I'm changing my motherboard from Asus P8P67 Pro Rev 3.1 to

Will I need to re-install Windows?

I really prefer not to. It would take me FOREVER (probably a week+!) to get everything moved over and back to normal on the new install.

So, how could I change my mobo without re-installing Windows?

I guess more simply, how do I ensure there are no driver conflicts between the new drivers for the new mobo and the old drivers for the old mobo?

Thank you.
Can work... or can be tricky.

I built a new machine for my bro - to replace his which was getting flakey... in the end I gave him machine and just put his old HD in (win XP)... had to reauthnticate windows and it did some driver updates - but it worked fine.

Put the HD from the new machine into his old machine (which was a fresh XP build) .... did not work at all. To be honest - I didnt spend any time on it -I just resinatlled Windows fresh again and it was fine.

So you may be lucky... or you may be unlucky. I guess if you new Mobo is close (manufacturer... chipset similar etc) you stand more chance it working.



Feb 19, 2012
The only forseeable problem usually with reinstalling mobo versus windows installs is that sometimes the old drivers (which are still present) can interfere with new ones. It sometimes results in a BSOD. Odds are basically 50/50 depending to much on each machine. I've transplanted OS drives many times before sucessfully. Im many cases with no problems. Some machines are just... finicky. However the silver lining (assuming your old one still works) is that you can transplant the old one back in with minimal risk.