Question Changing routing to a game server

May 25, 2023
I live in Sweden and have some friends who live in asia. I usually play Valorant with them on Bahrain servers and get 109ms ping. But a week ago I started getting 150ms instead. By contacting support I found out that they changed the routing to the servers and were unwilling to change it back due to one user (obviously).
But when I use exitlag to connect to Bahrain servers the ping is back to 109ms stable. Exitlag connects through Milan, Italy to Bahrain . I was wondering if there was any way I could use the same routing without having to use exitlag and paying for the membership.
You are very lucky that exitlag works for you. You have to be lucky enough that the extra delay is not between you and the entrance connection to exitlags network. If for example the closet exitlag server/router was in another country far away.

For most people in the EU or USA it make little to no difference. It is mostly used in asia where some ISP do not purchase access to the most optimum undersea fibers.

It is somewhat surprising that the game company tech even understood this much less admitted that the routing had changed. This likely was because they changed ISP providers in one of their data centers.

Exitlag is a very special type of vpn company. What they have done is buy optimized paths from ISP on the fiber. In effect they have bought a private fiber path even though it likely really just a form of private network that shares the same fiber as the internet called MPLS.

This costs quit a bit of money to get the ISP in the path to sell them a priority path. They recover this though their monthly charge.

There is really no free way to fix this. Maybe you could use a different ISP at your house that has better/different pathing.
It is impossible to say figuring out how the internet is actually connected without actually trying different ISP.

You might find a cheaper vpn company but unlike exitlag most other vpn companies do not actually have their own network between their data centers. Their goal is more to hide the users IP rather than improve the performance.

If it is important to you and exitlag actually solves the problem it is likely your best option. You actually should be happy that you have any solution at all to this problem.