changing speakers from front to back by software


Nov 13, 2005
I have a problem and I would like somebody to help me,if you can.
My audio-sistem works great,but only when I am at my desk.When I want to watch a movie(in my bed),my left speakers become my back speakers.Is there any way of changing my speakers' configuration by software so that when I change my position in the room to be able to switch also each speaker's set-up?(eg. my front-left speaker to become my rear-left speaker and my rear-left to become my rear-right speaker without changing the phisical posion of the speakers)

I have a Creative Live 24-bit sound card and I didn't find anything for this in the sound card driver.

Or at least to create a volume profile of the speakers for the time when I watch a movie from other positon than "at the desk".
(I'm a very lazy man :lol: )


Jul 6, 2003
You can configure AC3 Filter to decode PCM, AC3, DTS MP3 and PES audio codecs. Hopefully your audio would fall into one of those categories.

Then you can use the mixer to configure what channels map to what speaker outputs. There is a grid matching 6 channels of inputs to 6 channels of output, a 0 means 0% of that channel gets sent to that speaker 1 means 100%. Swap a few ones and zeros and you swap the channels.

There are presets are for each input/output combination, so you would have to have one setup use 5.1 output and the other maybe 5.0.

Also for each of your two output choices you will have to set up the mixer for every input option you are going to use.

Anyway it should work.