Changing the DNS of a VPN


Nov 2, 2010
I work for a company that does IT support for other companies. I usually end up working on VPNs. Recently a customer made a change to their VPN configuration. They now assign DNS information to the VPN adapter. I used to just put my companies internal DNS as primary and googles public as secondary. This method no longer works with the VPN update. I was wondering if there is a way to point the DNS entry they provide to a different IP. Similar to how a hosts file statically assigns an IP to a host name. I would like to point the DNS entry they give me to a different IP. Can this be done through a persistent route? If not what options do I have?
I wish I won't work for a company you provide services for. You're mixing basic network terms. "route" has nothing to do with DSN client services.

You should check your VPN client how to configure (or not) its IP properties, including DNS.
Why would they have any control of the vpn client. I am assuming you are on their network and connect back to your networks VPN server.

The only thing they could do is try to prevent the connection to your vpn server. Just use the ip address in the vpn client.

Once the vpn tunnel is up then all dns requests will pass through the vpn and they can not see any of them. Since your machine only talks to the 1 ip of your server and you hard code it there is no need for any dns on the other companies network.

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