Question channels for my router and 2 extenders overlapping

Jul 6, 2019
I just downloaded wifi analyzer on my Samsung Galaxy S9 and I think I have my router and my 2 extenders on the same channel wifi analyzer app on android) couldn't post a picture of it because toms hardware dosen't allow me too. We are 4 people in the house and we often lose connection to them every few minutes and when we lose the connection we lose connection to the router and all the extenders at the same time. the ethernet always works fine and is 500Mbit/s its just the wifi that is bad.
Many so called "extenders" only function that way. When they run in repeater mode they actually require you put them on the same channels. Some of the newer mesh things use the concept of backhaul and use a different radio connection to the main router. Not all mesh devices work this way though. If you are using them as AP then you can have them on different channels.

Now the bad news is the concept of not overlapping channels is long dead. The channel numbers on 2.4g represent only 5mhz of bandwidth. So it uses at least 4 of these for the standard 20mhz wifi channel. That is why you saw 1,6,11 as recommended channels. Modern equipment uses 40mhz on the 2.4g band. There is only 60mhz total so it is impossible to put 2 40mhz signals without overlapping them.

On 5g it is a big better the channel represent 20mhz BUT the new 802.11ac standard uses blocks of 4 channels. There are only 2 block this size in most countries so you might get 2 device to not overlap. Then again there are tri-band routers that have 2 5g radios and use both. The new 802.11ax standard coming "soon" uses 160mhz so it uses all the bandwidth. It also uses a completely different concept of allocating radio bandwidth so the concept of channels is no longer even valid. I maybe telling incorrect info here I have not spent a lot of time reading the new standard.

In any case there is little you can do about this. If you are running in AP mode you want to reduce the radio output power so only devices near it will use it. This should reduce the amount of interference you are least between your devices you can do nothing about the neighbors wifi.