Question Charging G14 with a (wall-plugged) USB-C Power Adapter | Country: India


Mar 4, 2019
I want to use an USB-C power adapter/charger instead the bulky brick charger for my G14 (2021 model). Using a 240 Voltage PD charger with an USB-C for the adapter or a barrel charging port, having the wattage of 65 Watt or less (like Google's Pixel Book charger ), could solve the issue. Though Asus has this PD charger, it did not bring the same to India- ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 GA401IV Original USB-C Power Supply 65 Watt.
I do not trust third-party companies' products except OEM's. At this point, I was thinking about using this Macbook charger to power the G14. Possible?
Hence, I posted this for any constructive inputs from any of this community's members.