Question Chassis Fan Not Reporting RPM

Mach 1 Padilla

Feb 7, 2017
I was looking for a better way to control my chassis fan other than the bios so i downloaded Ausus Fan Xpert4. It was trash so i uninstalled it, Now my Corsair Icue or Hwinfo64 cant see the chassis fan and monitor its RPM. Prior to the Fan Xpert install they could. I deleted everything the uninstaller left behind and also did a system restore to prior to the install and nothing. The bios still sees the fan and is able to adjust the fan curve on it. How can i restore the RPM detection of the fan. Its a 4pin fan connected to the Chassis Fan header on a Asus Prime B350-A Motherboard Bios 6042 (Latest).


What did you use to delete? If just Windows, then it's not deleted from the registry and some parts of that may take priority over other apps, leaving you with nothing.

For many years, you had 3 choices on fan control. Bios, SpeedFan and Asus FanXpert. Every other vendor had software but it was essentially useless, a straight line curve.

You may need to use something like Riva or ccleaner registry tool to clean up any registry orphans. Might help to unplug the fan, boot, give it a couple minutes to finish the startup procedures etc, shutdown and plug the fan back in. On next boot the bios will re-discover the fan is now connected and that can reset the iCue/HWInfo64