Chat room help from Dell technitian


Feb 16, 2012
I have a Dell Latitude 420 that has a white second screen or page covering half the monitor. Is there a way that I can fix this or is the notebook ruined? I have tried every combination that I can dream up to remove this. The desktop is fully in tact underneath this half page, and I can work whatever items or icons that I can get to. WHAT CAN I DO, OR WHAT SHOULD I DO.
Bit confused about how this looks. Can you see anything on the white part aside from the white? Or is only the half that's working right show icons, etc...? This sounds like a physical issue with the display, does moving the screen around a bit fix this? May be a pretty cheap fix for a tech to re-seat the cables, could go up to a few hundred if the screen needs to be replaced.

That laptop is from 2006 or so it looks like. Probably not worth getting it fixed unless it's under $100 to do so.