Question Cheap 3080ti or 7900xt

Mar 17, 2023
Planning to build a new pc mostly for 4k gaming at 60 fps or a bit more if possible. I am in a dilemma about the gpu between these 2 options:
  1. Found a cheap Manli 3080ti at 600 euros. Very good price for my region. I am worried about: a) 12gb vram may not be enough in a bit of time for 4k gaming and I wouldnt like to make any upgrade for some years. I read contradictory stuff and this is the most important reason holding me back, so I would like to read your thoughts about it. b) 3080ti is previous gen and getting a little bit old. c) I read that Manli brand is ok, but I would prefer to buy Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, Sapphire etc.
  2. Second choice is Sapphire 7900xt at 890 euros. I have second thoughts about: a) its 50% pricier. b) AMD problematic Ray Tracing performance (not super important, but ok).
Which cpu should I select for each gpu? Is 13400f enough for 3080ti? I read that you are ok with the stock cooler with this one. Is that correct? If I go for the 7900xt, should I select 13600kf (there would be a bottleneck with 13400f, right?)? Unfortunately several AMD cpus are overpriced here and price difference between Intel's 12 and 13 generation isnt big.
Other choices for gpu do not seem to make sense in my region. 6800 is at 540 euros and weaker, 6800xt at 620 and weaker, 6900xt and 6950xt are close to the price of 7900xt. 7900xtx and Nvidia cards better than 3080ti are at 1150+, which are out of my budget.
What do you think?


If you want 4k I would go 4080 with DLS 3.0.

4k is hard on everything.

I vote 7700x or 13600/13700k.

A friend of mine has a 3080TI and 5900x and Hogwarts is hard on it and not playable really unless you turn on DLSS 2.0.

Considering games requirements only increase. I would get a 4080 of the increased vram and DLSS 3.0.

Good luck!
Well, that's a toughie because while that's a BIG difference in price, I'm not convinced that the RTX 3080 Ti will do what it is you want it to (or at least, not for long). There are also other factors here and only you can say whether or not the RX 7900 XT is worth an extra €290. Here's the situation:

1.) The RTX 3080 Ti only has 12GB of VRAM. That's fine for now but only barely. If you want to be gaming at 4K, especially with RT, I expect that this card will encounter VRAM issues at 4K within the next year or two on a lot of AAA titles.

2.) I know that people talk about the weak RT performance with Radeon cards but the RX 7000-series cards have RT performance that is on par with RTX 30. The RX 7900 XT is only a little bit worse with RT than the RTX 3090 Ti which means that the RTX 3080 Ti won't have a meaningful advantage in RT over the 7900 XT, if it has any advantage at all. So don't worry about the RT performance of this card as it will be at least as good as the RT performance of the RTX 3080 Ti.

If you're happy spending €600 on a card that will be unable to deliver 60FPS at 4K less than 2 years from now, then the RTX 3080 Ti is the way to go. If you're not happy with that, then the RX 7900 XT is the card for you. Neither of these cards is ideal for what you want though. The RX 7900 XT is 14% faster than the RTX 3080 Ti and has 8GB more VRAM (which is HUGE) but it's still too expensive for what you get. It's not as badly overpriced as the RTX 40 cards but it's no better than the RTX 30 cards. I might have another suggestion for you that would make a lot more sense in my opinion. Of course, it depends on whether or not it's possible.

My recommendation to you would be to get an RTX 3090 if you can because it has literally DOUBLE the VRAM of the RTX 3080 Ti. If you want to game at 4K60Hz native at max settings, you won't be doing it with full RT on unless your card is an RTX 4090. Also, you might be able to get an RTX 3090 for a good deal less money than that RX 7900 XT. It has most of the strengths of the RX 7900 XT with none of the RTX 3080 Ti's weaknesses. If you can get it for a decent price, I think that it would be the ideal card for you.
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Planning to build a new pc mostly for 4k gaming at 60 fps or a bit more if possible. I am in a dilemma about the gpu between these 2 options:
  1. Found a cheap Manli 3080ti at 600 euros
  2. Second choice is Sapphire 7900xt at 890 euros.

currently using the RTX 3080 Ti for 21:9 3440x1440 & 16:9 4K both 120Hz.
with the newest most demanding games(Cyberpunk 2077, Atomic Heart, etc..) i can still pretty easily hold a steady 120fps with RT effects enabled and mostly ultra settings.

how long this will remain the case we do not know as engines' technology vastly improves over the years.
the fact that current AMD cards have terrible FSR vs DLSS is a big issue for many modern gamers but that still seems more of a personal opinion for now.

how long you plan on using this card in any main system may be the biggest factor in your decision right now if you aren't really that concerned about having the best visuals.
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