Cheap 8800 GTS 640 mb replacement


Jun 25, 2009
Once i got my new rig, i gave my old computer to my friend. This old computer had a 8800 GTS 640mb and an intel core 2 duo e6300, and them res. my friend runs at is 1680x1050. Now iv'e been lookin to get him a new card as a gift. What cheap (preferably sub 100 USD) card can i get thats equal or greater in performance than the 8800 gts? I would also prefer for the replacement to run cooler (the 8800 GTS idles in the 60's)
9600GT (Good) $81.99

9800GT (Better) $89.99

GTS 250 (Best) $109

If you can do the GTS 250 (power supply and PCI-E power connectors might be an issue) it's definitely the best option. Performance wise it'll beat the 9600GT and 9800GT by a decent margin. The GTS 250 is also the best option if you're specifically looking for increased performance.
I have one of those cards. Getting a card that has 1gig of memory is a must if you want to try and "equal" that card at 1680x1050..... which is what I game at. A 9600gt isn't going to do it. neither will any of the listed 256/512bit cards. A 4870 with 512 would come close but for smooth game play you gotta get a 1gig card. Why don't you say something to your friend. Say, "I'd like to see that you get a good card for your system but"............ Tell him you'll be willing to pony up "X" amount of dollars. Ask him if he'd be able to put some money towards it. That way you'll feel good and he'll be happy even if he doesn't realize the difference video cards make in respect to their different types of specifications. Look in the $140 price range...... or you could give up the 640 card and get yourself something better. That way you both feel

I had one ( 8800 GTS ) , the 9600 GT is pretty much it's it's equal.

A 4870 with 512mb is capable of slapping an 8800 Ultra around, it'll certainly do more than "come close" to an 8800 GTS 640.
I can't remember the 9600gt coming that close to the 640 card. To me it felt the 640 card played stuff smoother when you turned up the AA it seemed better too. I go by how things work not by benchmarks. I'm not going to say they're wrong but I go by personal experience and I don't always agree with Tom's or anands reviews sometimes. There's benchies and then there's reality. What happens on the screen in front of you tells more than a small "optimised" section of the game that's used for lab tests. I make my decisions of a card as I'm playing the whole game. I also never play at medium settings and I don't have an i7 in my machine as do some of these reviews now. If you look at FarCry2 it gets a big jump by i7 processing power alone. Thanks for the reviews, I read them both.