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Question Cheap and old case actually performs better than new case?

Jacob 51

Dec 31, 2020
I cannot believe it myself but,
My old case is from some company called "Beetle Aloe" (which is probably closed now). Its accurately a 15 years old case.

I used it till last month, I upgraded the components some years ago.
It DIDN'T have any case fans at all, and only 1 vent near the IO shield and two vents on the side panel.

I bought an ANT Esports ICE 130ag cabinet this month, and I'm pretty surprised by the thermals.

On my old case, I used to get MAXIMUM 55 Degree Celsius on the processor and 65 Max on the graphics card.

In the new case, I get 61 degree Celsius Max on the processor and 70 degree max on the graphics card.
In my new case, I installed 2 fans at the top for exhaust, one was preinstalled on the rear for intake, three fans at the front.

This is not a thermal paste problem, considering I changed it only a month ago.
I was expecting a whole lot of temperature difference, but its the vice versa of it now.

the room temperature is 25 to 35 degree Celsius, and the PC is placed at the same position.

I did the cable management pretty decent and not much wires are visible from the front
How is this even possible? Can anyone give me a clue?

My specs:
Core i5 3470
GT 1030 GDDR5
12 GB 1600 Mhz RAM (HyperX Fury 8 GB and Hynix 4 GB)
Cooler master 450 watt V2 bronze
Antec A30 CPU cooler
Zebronics H61 Motherboard


Jul 7, 2014
I don't know about your old case, but the ANT 130AG case seems like a bad performer for airflow. Total solid panel at the front. That's generally a bad idea for temps, although some cases are setup for negative pressure at stock, it's still much trickier to pull off good airflow with solid front panel.

I remember answering on a thread with this case --if you're the OP, then I'll update my answer to using a top fan as intake near the front, and rear exhaust. At least we'll get some form of airflow moving near the CPU area. That, or use an AIO at the top setup as intake.

You mentioned in the opening post that you have installed a total of 6 fans, 1 rear intake, 2 top exhaust, and 3 front intake if I understand correctly. Generally, rear is used as exhaust, but you can actually reverse the airflow. Just don't fight the airflow with more fans from the front. What you want is a flow of air --arrange the fans so that they all direct air in the same direction be it from the front to the back or vice versa.

With a solid front panel, there's always a likelihood that the front intake fans are not actually intaking much, if any, air from outside the case and just recirculates warm air inside the case instead.
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