Question Cheap Gaming PC Help

Oct 2, 2019

I'm just in need of some advice, I'm pretty lacking in knowledge regarding PC building except on the most basic of information. Basically I'm helping my friend build a gaming PC, now he doesn't want to spend too much money and has given me a budget of £400-£500. He wants to be able to game on High/Ultra settings at a 1080p Full HD resolution while maintaining 60fps on most modern titles. Now what I need help with is choosing some of the Components. I'm thinking of going for a Ryzen build for him since the price-performance ratio seems pretty good and inexpensive.

I've listed the parts I'm thinking of telling him to go for as well as the cheapest price I could find them at:








Total price of everything comes to; £483.22

1 of the components I'm not too sure of is the GPU. Preferably I wanted to go for a Nvida GTX 1660TI but they're around £40-£50 more and I'm thinking it's not worth the extra money for a 10%-15% overall performance increase (Please tell me if I'm wrong).

I've been told 8GB RAM is the minimum but preferably 16GB would be the best option, unfortunately every £ counts and I'm not sure if the extra £25-£35 is really necessary at the moment, maybe he could upgrade it later himself?? Also is 3000mhz fast enough or should I go for something better?

Regarding Motherboard's I went for 1 of the cheaper options but I read some of them come with built-in WiFi so you can connect to the Internet without an Ethernet Port. I don't think the board I've listed has one? But are their any which DO include it without breaking the bank??

Again the only idea I have on PC's is that I managed to (somehow) build 1 myself back in 2016 but other than that ANY information or input would be GREATLY appreciated especially if you have any budget build's yourself which you don't mind sharing or if you think I should go for some other different Components.
Thank you!
I notice on that website that the decent power supplies are about £ 20 to £ 30 more at least. So I'd stick with the less expensive GPU if that means getting a better power supply. The issue is that 60fps at Ultra settings on modern titles is going to depend mostly on the video card. So yes, the extra performance is 'worth it' if he really is that demanding. PC gaming on a tight budget means sacrificing something. I personally would rather not sacrifice on the power supply but maybe he's willing to risk it.

As long as the motherboard has 4 memory slots, starting with 2x4gb now and upgrading later is a good plan.