Cheap GPU to help my GTX 770


Mar 12, 2015
Hey fellas,
Its been a while since have have been knowledgeable in the GPU area, about four year snow when i bought my GTX 770. Recently I figured out that the 770 has some sort of issue, almost all of my games crash if they are played above 30FPS or high graphics so im looking for a cheap GPU to help it out possible run the two in SLI. What would you guys recommend?


Something else is going on here. A normally functioning GTX 770 that's not getting good enough performance will simply not get good enough performance; it won't exhibit crashing behavior. That's not a problem that you fix by SLIing a second GPU. If your GPU crashes in games and it doesn't turn off the PC, it's more likely that there's a software-related issue or the GPU is simply dying than say, something like a PSU problem.

In addition, you can't simply SLI a cheap GPU to a GTX 770. You can only SLI a second GTX 770.
If the crashing is due to the power supply or excessive heat, adding another card in SLI would likely only make the situation worse.

Is the card overclocked? If so, you might try reducing the overclock a bit. Another thing worth checking would be to make sure that the card's cooler is not covered in dust and that its fan is not malfunctioning, as that could be causing it to run hotter than in the past. Have you checked the card's temperatures while gaming?
I'd hate to be that guy, but adding in another 770 will only introduce MORE problems. It sounds to me like you're experiencing either a driver/software issue, or maybe your GPU is overheating. As others have said, what temps are you hitting when gaming?