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Dec 5, 2017
Im looking to replace my old non brand keyboard with new rgb mech kb. I want to buy cheap one on AliExpress, my budget is around 40euro. Could you recommend me which is best one to go with? I would like red switches as they arent that loud. I'll use keyboard only for LoL. Is there any that cheap kb where i can change colors too? I would use mostly purple color, blue and white sometimes...
I know this is long question but could you please help me out to pick best kb for this money. i cant use amazon cuz of shipping and taxes. Sry for bad english


Your English is fine.

Go online and look for keyboard reviews by both professional reviewers and verified purchasers.

For example:,review-2009.html

Go to family members, friends, school, work, and stores to try as many keyboards as you can. Identify two or three keyboards that you like and then go to the manufacturer's websites to read the keyboard's User Guide/Manual, the FAQs, and Forums. Pay attention to what is said as well as what is not said.

Lastly, being on a budget, your may be able to find a higher quality product for 40 Euro if you are willing to skip all the colored lights etc..

And you will have more choices with a more basic keyboard.

If you spend a lot of time typing the physical fit and feel of the keys is more important than rgb eye candy.

Plus a better quality keyboard will likely last longer.


Oct 17, 2019
If you absolutely have to shop from Aliexpress, i would suggest to search for mechanical keyboard on Ali, then sort by how many sold. And after start reading user reviews. Check out what the comments say on the 1, 2 and 3 star reviews, but do not only focus on those. Read the rest also.
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For your budget you won't find anything usable with Red switches and color adjustment, nothing with real RGB, maybe a few built in color cycling defaults. If you double your budget you can get many keyboards with real MX Red switches. Really for the amount of time you use your keyboard (every time you work on a computer), spending 80 vs 40 is not really anything. Almost all generic brand cheap mechanical keyboards use copies of the Blue loud clicky switch.