Question Cheap micro hi-fi system for bedroom?

Aug 30, 2019
Hello there,
I want to buy micro hi-fi system for my bedroom. I was thinking about second-hand Yamaha/Denon/Panasonic/Onkyo system. It doesn't have to be very loud but it would be nice to have usb port.

I've searched my local "ebay" and I've found these:
  • Denon RCD-M37
  • Denon RCD-M38
  • Denon RCD-M39
  • Onkyo CR 505
  • Onkyo CR 525
  • Panasonic SC-PMX5
  • Panasonic SC-PMX70
  • Yamaha CRX-040
  • Yamaha PianoCraft MCR-330
  • Yamaha PianoCraft MCR-332
Should I buy any of these or look for something else? Thanks!


Yes you can get one of those, and yes you can look for something else. There are a ton of options from just using bluetooth speakers connected to your source, to dozens of other systems. All the ones you listed are good enough to get, you can just go by your budget and their specs, whatever appeals to you.

I have not looked at actual systems in probably 15 years LOL, all my audio is done through computer or bluetooth connected powered speakers or headphones.
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Do you need a CD player? If so I would look at a mini system that includes the player/amp and speakers.

If not I would get a small stereo amp and get separate bookshelf speakers. The new Denon PMA-60 is nice, has USB and bluetooth built in which is a must in my opinion. Other features you may want to consider are Google/Alexa integration, and Network/Spotify connections. With bluetooth you can just do the networking using your smartphone or computer.

These are pretty common. It's just a matter of narrowing down your budget and wants in terms of features. One more tip is the speakers. If you go with a separate amp then don't skip on speakers. A good set of bookshelf speakers can last a lifetime. If you get cheap speakers you may be tempted to want to upgrade in the future. If you buy good, then you'll have a nice set for the rest of your life and it's cheaper in the long run. The amp is a temporary fix and will eventually die or you'll want to upgrade as new technologies come out.
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