Question Cheap or expensive bluetooth adapter for gaming?


Dec 5, 2017
Should i waste $15 on bluetooth adapter, strictly for gaming, or $5 ones will do the job? I kinda feel like $15 is too much for it no?


What make and model Bluetooth adapters are available to you in your area? Sources? Easy to return purchases and on what terms?

For the most part I would be very leery of a $5 adapter. Likely made of cheap components, poorly assembled, and without any testing or quality assurance.

Could even be counterfeit. But so can a $15 Bluetooth adapter.

That all said try to find both a well rated/reviewed Bluetooth adapter and a trustworthy source with good reviews and return policies.

Go online and read reviews from within the last year or so.

For example (randomly picked):

There are other reviews to be found.

Then if you identify a couple of Bluetooth adapter's that match your expectations go to the manufacturer's website.

Read the User Guide/Manual along with any FAQ's and Forum comments that may be available.

Pay attention to what is said and what is not said.

Some small USB devices can get very hot so watch for that.