[SOLVED] Cheap Power Supply Causes Hdd to Fail?

Oct 16, 2020
so i heard that you shouldnt cheap out on buying a psu, i have a power up nero 225 500 watt power supply that i never had any problems with in the past, im also gonna add that the psu have two sata power connectors, one of them has a molex/amp connector and the other has a molex/amp + a floppy connector. Yesterday when i plugged in a newly-bought 1tb hdd to the power connector that has the floppy cable the pc wouldn't boot, it would get stuck on "detecting ide drives" for a few seconds and then it would say that i dont have any drives connected even though i have 2. When i unplugged the 1tb hdd it would boot just fine, i tried plugging my working 500gb hdd with the connector that has the floppy one and the problem happened again, i also tried plugging the 1tb hdd to the connector that only has the molex/amp connector and it works without any problems. The hdd also makes a beeping noise like it's failing when connected to the power connector with the floppy. So obviously the problem lies in the psu... right? I wanna be definite about this rather than spending money on a psu only for the problem being elsewhere.