Cheap PSU. Worst thing that can happen? Specs inside!


Aug 5, 2016
Hi. These are the specs for it. The PSU costs 25-30 bucks where I live and its a national product, meaning its made in my country.

My pc build:
i3 3220
16 gb of ram
gtx 1050 2gb version, powered straight from the mobo
1tb 7200 seagate conventional hdd
mobo: asus p8H77-V which they also say they have a power surge protection of some sort.

Now, for what Im gonna use this:
-gaming, war thunder, WOT, for about 3-6 hours every day
-photo editing
-video editing
-music production

This is the product data sheet and dont worry, its in English.

I like it because it has a 34A on the 12v rail and also has a 6+2 pci e pin which is usually a good sign that the PSU can ACTUALLY deliver the power for a 6+2 GPU.

It has all the protections any PSU comes with nowadays OCP / OVP / UVP / SCP / OPP and its efficiency is rated at 72%. I cannot afford those expensive EVGAs or Corsair psus, simply because in my country, I just CANT afford them.

What is the worst that can happen? If I cant afford an expensive PSU, you can imagine I cannot afford to lose the mobo, or WORSE, the VGA because of the PSU. The reviews on the websites in my countries are pretty good/decent and no has complained of frying their components due to this PSU but I dont know.

Are there things I can do to prevent this? The mobo also has some soft of power surge protection but I dont really know if that is made to prevent damage caused by the PSU or not. I know im being super cheap and risking it but I make my small wage through photo/video editing and I have to get this new PC going. Thanks a lot!


Well, the worst that can happen is you can lose your PC.

You can roll the dice and get that.... NOT recommended that you do.


Save up some more money and get a good PSU would be highly recommended.

And no, that's not really a 550W PSU, no way will that thing put out 550W.

More like a 350W at best.

Here is all you really need.

Corsair CX450.


Jul 10, 2008
"55P00P" says it all.

You can go cheap on any other part but not the PSU. A cheap PSU will work right up to the point it doesn't want to and try and nuke whatever it is attached to.

Please don't.

edit: not that you have to get the most expensive psu to have it work properly but the cheapest psu's usually run at half the rated wattage and will pop without warning