Question Cheap Ryzen CPU to prepare B450 for Zen 2?

I was planning to pick up an AMD Athlon 200GE, in order to upgrade multiple B450 motherboards for friend's builds. Micro Center currently sell the chip for $39.99. But then I wondered if there is any used Ryzen CPU that cost less than half the cost of the 200GE. Recommendations? Thank you in advance for your input.
WildCard999 New York City. But I appreciate the offer just the same. Cool seeing your name online. I'm excited about Ryzen 5 3600. By the way, I'm also excited about the coming 3rd generation Threadripper, as well as the 2nd gen EPYC Rome processors that no longer rely on NUMA, at least for the single socket solutions. Hopefully Threadripper will no longer have that problem associated with the 32 core 2990WX, where only half the chipsets had direct access to memory, and others had to go through NUMA to access the rest, increasing latency.


Yeah the 200GE is the cheapest one, however be warned, lots of the older chipset MSI motherboards no longer support the 200GE on the latest BIOS revisions, due to lack of space on the BIOS ROM.

If possible, I'd grab a 2200G, use that to upgrade all the boards, then return it. Since you are dealing with Micro Center, I would tell them your situation and see if you can borrow the chip.