Jun 22, 2002
My sister has a computer which sits right next to her stereo with simple RCA-ins. In her old pc, I had a SB16 ISA card (I know, I know - very old but it served it's purpose quite well!) and ran RCA cables and she would put her stereo on AUX to listen to music and games through the stereo from the PC. Well, now that I have upgraded her PC - the onboard audio has died and she would like her stereo back on the PC. Is there any CHEAP (below 50.00) PCI soundcard with RCA L and R on it? Even if it's one of those plug in the adapter to the card to get the connections type. I don't need heavy duty or high quality (like an external rack)... just something to get the sound to the stereo. Thanks for any suggestions!


Former Staff
Uh, d00d, SB16 didn't use RCA outputs, but the AWE64 Gold did.

Anyway, you can buy a three-foot cable with stereo RCA outputs on one end and a stereo minijack on the other. These became popular in the late 1980's when people were plugging portable CD players into home stereos, but have retained enough popularity over the years that they can still be found in more department stores' electronics isles.