News Cheaper Intel Alder Lake Platforms Will Arrive in January, But There's a Catch


honestly not sure why ppl would adopt this early on.

nothing benefits from gen 5 pcie.
the ddr5 is costly as heck.

yes, the chips are fast, but the cost atm to go to it? not worth it unless ur 3+ generations old and need an upgrade.
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Oct 9, 2019
Yeah and even the lower tiered motherboards will be more expensive than the AM4 counterparts...

Alder Lake keeps looking worse than it should, platform price wise, despite the CPUs themselves being cheaper... such irony.

This is one of the reasons why AMD did not officially drop the prices yet across the board. I think only after Zen3D comes we will see cheaper Zen3 prices.

I'm glad I got my 5600X with the Black Friday discount, because the prices are up again and don't seem to go down at all... at least not in EU.


not worth it unless ur 3+ generations old and need an upgrade.
Well, that would be the case for most people who are building a new system today. I wouldn't build an entirely new system if I didn't need it. A quick look at PCPartpicker shows a ~$40 difference between a 5800x and a 12600k platform using the similar Asus Tuf Gaming Z690/x570 Plus DDR4 motherboards (the Intel platform is $40 more expensive). That being said, I don't necessarily need all the extra connectivity that Z690 boards provide although it might be nice in the future. Gaming-wise the 5800x and 12600k are similar. The 12600k wins in ST and MT apps. The 5800x has less peak power though efficiency (renders per day per watt) is pretty close. They'd use the same cooler, same RAM. Overclocking a 12600k shows a ~15% gaming improvement @1080p while the 5800x is ~6% according to Tom's review and that is tempting for the future - something not possible on the Intel without a z690 board.

So I dunno, still going to wait it out and see what the B660 boards offer and see if the Zen3d chips bring down the price of the regular Zen3 chips some more. 5600x isn't even a consideration for me right now at its waaaaaayyyyyy too high of price at $299. Starting to think I might even wait it out to see what Zen 4 brings. Or at least see what the new Zen3+ Navi2 APUs can do (not getting my hopes up too high) since I just can't imagine paying these dGPU prices. But then there's Arc so who knows... Jeez what a wacky time to be building a new machine!