Question Cheapest mb and psu that i can get ?


Sep 5, 2013
I am upgrading my desktop pc and i am left with some parts, here are the left overs:

Hyper 212 evo cooler
2x8gb ram
Tesseract case with lots of fans
Samsung ssd
Dell monitor

I want to turn these into a new build so i am going to need a mb and a psu...

Whats the cheapest mb i can get for i5-6500 ? What chipset/brand is the cheapest ?

How much wattage do i need for i5-6500 ? Whats the cheapest psu i can get ?

I want this for my office work...

Many thanks


Minimum PSU, probably 300W. I wouldn't buy most 300W supplies. Nice 450W is probably good.

B150 or B250 boards would be want you would want to get. H110 is a possibility, but those are very minimal boards.

You can buy whole working 6th gen desktops for under $200 though, so scrapping the bottom of ebay really is your best bet.
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How much wattage do i need for i5-6500 ? Whats the cheapest psu i can get ?
You can get away with a very low wattage PSU, if there is no GPU involved. BUT - you do NOT want the cheapest. Some of them are very low quality to the point that they're dangerous, even when not under load.

Use the first and second links in my signature as your guide, adjusting for the fact that you're not looking to put a GPU in the system.


Your I5-6500 is a skylake processor.
It can run on a lga1151 motherboard.
Here is a link to the different chipsets available, and what each can do:
The cheapest is likely to be one with a H110 chipset.
Go to newegg and filter motherboards for lga1151 and 100 series chipset. 600567584 600567581&Order=1
Some may be refurbished.
Another place is to look on ebay.
For whatever you find, also look at the cpu support for that motherboard to verify that a i5-6500 is supported.

Check that the integrated graphics on the motherboard is compatible with your monitor.

Only a minimal ATX psu of 300w would be fine.
But, do not go for the cheapest.
A reasonable way to pick quality is to look for a unit with a 7 to 10 year warranty.
You are not likely to find one for under $100.
Check the link to jonnyguru above for some cheaper options.