Build Advice Checking For Compability Errors


Dec 1, 2016
Hello Everyone,

I'm curious to how to check for compatibility issues that are not going to be caught by Pcpartpicker or other similar websites for things such as part length and dimensions and the placement of parts. I know parts do come with their measurement sizes as well as the pc case however the thing I am curious about is certain parts such as fans or AIO cooling systems are only designed to be in certain spots whether for efficiency or limitations. Or even where screw hole placements are I'm not sure the best way to go about this, or if its best to buy the PC Case first and figure it out from there. If anyone would be kind to share with me their process when designing a build and knowing their limitations and dimensions accuaratley.

BTW this is my Parts list that I'm asking this question for.
If anyone could let me know if all this will fit and be optimal, or switch the graphics card to an air cooled card.

Thank you guys. Appreciate it!
If you want to keep the i9, you are better to buy the Z390 MB, also if you use the Z370.
  1. you needs to use other cpu to update the BIOS first, otherwise the Z370 will not support the i9 9900K out of the box, keep in mind some of MB may have the newer BIOS, but nobody will know the MB has the newer BIOS or not until you use the MB. That is why the pcpartpicker shows the warning for the compatibility problem ( BIOS issue).
  2. The z370 will not have good VRM to support oc the i9 9900k. But it is up to you. Here is more info
And when you buy the Z390, the MB has the very huge heatsink so that it may block the AIO fan, like your H150i, so you will need to buy the slim case fans to replace the fan comes with the AIO. Or install the AIO in front panel.

One more, because you have the M2 for the boot drive, if you use the HDD for storage only, just buy the regular HDD for lot more cheaper, it is not necessary to buy the SSHD.