Question Checking temperatures and custom fan curve for my R9 Fury

Jan 13, 2020
Hello Guys, Recently I acquired an used Sapphire R9 Fury nitro for my old system rig. As you might know this card have a 0db noise feature where the fans won't turn on until it reaches certain temperature. Here is where I started with the problems, my Fury was hitting around 50-60°C on idle with the fans off which I see completely pointless since I like to keep my components cool; and this was only one part of my problem, I try to test CoD: Warzone and my card was hitting 76-80 °C and fans would go to 70-80% and stay there, at this point the noise level for this fans were insane.

Then I tried with another game, Metro: Exodus, now the card was constantly hitting the 80°C mark and fans were spinning at 93%, so that was about 3250 rpm, at this point the noise was extremely loud and it sounded just like a Jet engine. This is where I decided to make a custom fan curve that looks like this:



now the gpu on idle will stay around 35-40°C and the fans oscilate between 900-1000 rpm which seems very quiet for me.
I did also manage to undervolt the Fury 72mV using wattman (you can see it on the second photo) and tested 2 games, Forza Horizon 4 and CoD: Warzone, with Forza the highest temperature reached was 69°C according to Hwinfo64 and fans won't go past 50% that's about 1750-1800 rpm, with warzone the highest temperature was 72°C and hitting solid 60fps @ultra settings with fans running around 55% which seems to increase the noise a little bit but not that much. This also make me save aroung 50-60 W. So I'm just wondering if I made everything right and my temperatures and fans rpm are normal or if there is something wrong and I should make some adjustments to my fan curve/Undervolt.

right now on my place it's a sunny day and the ambient temperature it's 23°C and my system rig is the following

i7 860 @2.8 GHz with no OC
dell 0C2KJT motherboard LGA 1156
CM Hyper 212 EVO
R9 Fury Nitro stocc and-72mV
12gb ram ddr3 @1333mhz
Corsair CX600
Kingston A400 240gb SSD
Barracuda 500gb HDD
Aerocool Xpredator X1 Black Edition
Windows 10 Pro 1903 and Adrenaline 20.4.1 Drivers.

Thank you very much and stay safe.