Chess Computer: Super Machine (is this a good option?)


May 13, 2016
Hi I am looking for a machine to do chess computations. I was hoping to get some pointers. Basically, I was looking at the following machine:

Dell PowerEdge R815 Server 6174 2.2GHz 48-Core 128GB 2x146GB H700 2PS from here

These are some of the specs:

Form Factor: 2U Rackmountable
Processor Speed: 2.2 GHz
Number of Processors: 4
Product Line: PowerEdge
Memory Type: DDR3 SDRAM
Memory (RAM) Capacity: 128 GB
Processor Type: 12-Core
Processor Manufacturer: AMD
Does Not Apply

I was curious, would you guys consider going for this? I want it to compete in internet chess competitions versus other computers. I was told the best bet would be with a Tesla setup but I am on a 2-3k budget with some financing included. I dont think I will be able to go for that.

48 cores x3 would be awesome, thats 120 cores of processing power for chess for about 3k what do you think?

Do you believe a workstation would be better with cuda cores? I dont think I could afford it though.


If you have never been around a 2U server here is one of my favorite descriptions from @greens in another thread describing old Xeon 2U Dells "They are slower than hell, louder than a helicopter, and hotter than a pizza oven, you can also use them as ramps for your trailer they are so heavy and sturdy."

Does your chess software work on a cluster?

You've given no information about the SOFTWARE you would use so we don't know how it would make use of CPU and GPU processing.

I would think there would be a better FORUM for this?

(Out of my depth beyond this, but I don't quite understand the concept of all this. If YOU are moving the pieces the computer doesn't matter. If the COMPUTER is doing it and you aren't programming the AI code then what is the POINT of doing this?)
if no late answer , yes 48cores is super strong and worth ! it same as xeon and you need add big SSD for tablebase 6man, more cores will more high kN/s hmm maybe you get mN/s :D , actually in real tournamnet cores is no matter as long as use 64bit book and engine will more worth .. look at this one many super computer pair good luck!