News Chinese Server Maker Sugon Has Its Own Radeon Instinct MI50 Compute Cards


Sep 29, 2019
The Gaming cards are available in millions of units world wide ... from Nvidia and AMD ...

China could easily buy the gaming cards in large quantities in millions , and then take out the GPU and engineer a board for it and drivers as well. there is no way USA can stop china from doing this.
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Apr 4, 2019
I was about to say the same thing.

in the 80's the US needed titanium to build their new strategic bombers, the F117 Nighthawk
At this time, Russia was the only provider that could sell enough titanium for USA's needs.

only problem was, soviet Russia banned the US because it was a strategic ressource

solution was simple : the CIA created a lot of fake companies around the world. each ordered reasonable amounts of titanium, wich was shipped back to the US.

it was in the 80's. now it's even simpler. China can order everything they want. it's just more complicated than a regular order but it can be done.
Also, on aliexpress, i can see TONs of used Ryzen / i7 CPUs , so they have all the hardware they want, no problem