Chipset pros/cons NVIDIA 590 vs. Dual X16 SLI (650i + 570i)


May 11, 2007
I don't really understand the differences between these 2. I am looking at 2 different motherboards- Asus P5N32-E SLI Plus (NVIDIA Dual X16 SLI- looks to be a hybrid nForce®650i SLI & nForce®570 SLI) and the Asus P5N32-SLI Premium (uses nForce 590). Right now I am strictly looking at the chipset differences.

The only differences I can tell are:
1.) Premium (590 chipset) only allows for memory speeds of: Dual-channel DDR2 800(overclocked only) /667/533
and the SLI Plus (Dual X16 SLI) allows for memory speeds Dual-channel DDR2 800/667/533 (so true 800).

2.) Premium (590 chipset) has a front side bus supporting: 1066 / 800 / 533 MHz
and the SLI Plus (Dual X16 SLI hybrid) supports: 1333**/1066/800/533 MHz ** available when CPUs are ready for 1333MHz FSB

Other then that they seem identical. Could someone shed some light on this, opinions on the 2 chipsets? (pros and cons)