Question Chkdsk/r


Jun 12, 2018
Hi Guys. Ok so recently I have been encountering BSOD's with different error codes like (kernel security check failure,System Thread Exception Not Handled,system service exception,memory management.)while playing games on my PC. My PC is pretty strong with a gtx1060. I5 9600k. No overclocking done. So I was baffled and I decided to format my PC in order to stop those BSOD's. I did it and the Bsod's didn't stop. So I got frustrated by this since I was serving on the Internet and all I could find was update your drivers, check your memory etc. My windows were updated and my graphics card as well as my devices. So I stumbled upon a video which said something about Chkdsk/r. I opened Cmd with admin rights and typed this. I said that this command is locked cuz I was using some programs. So I pressed Y in order to do it when I would restart my PC. So I restart my PC but it never posts. I hear the noise,my keaboard is on,my mouse is on ,my monitor is on but I only see black screen. I press the restart button,nothing happened , same. I try to restart and press f8 to go safe mode, nothing happened. What should I do now ? What did I do wrong , and how can I stop getting bsod"s? I would prefer not to start a new install of windows if possible... Thank you in advance


What is the exact error message and hex code? Here are 3 things I'd do:
  1. Right-click the Start button and click Device Manager. Look for entries with either ! or ? to the left. If any do, you need to get the right driver for that device.
  2. Open the administrative command prompt and issue these two commands:
SFC /Scannow

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth