Question Choice dead pc platform for gaming in 2019


Sep 3, 2011
I am thinking about upgrading my PC. I have an oooo...old system that still plays lots of newish games decently. I have a q6600 in a Socket T motherboard. I know this is way way old. Socket T was released in 2004. I want to replace it with something which is also really old but also much better, less way old, and for cheap. I am thinking this just might be realistic. So basically which old dead socket platform do folks think might be a good choice for much better gaming performance than I'm currently on? while still being really cheap? I am currently considering Socket H/ LGA 1156 (circa 2009) or Socket H2 / LGA 1155 (circa 2011) . I haven't looked at the AMD side as I am much less familiar with it but am open to suggestions. I currently have a 8 gig ram and a 750ti video card which I would not be planing to upgrade for awhile. Budget max is $100 for cpu,MB,ram but I'd rather keep it well below $100 if possible. Obviously I'm looking at all used parts here, so ebay. Thanks so much for reading and any recommendations!


I have to agree with ^. There's a point where the budget gets so tight, the "do nothing and save more $" option is a real consideration. $100 doesn't get you much, especially if/since you need to get new DDR3/DDR4 RAM.
Your budget is so low, increasing it by 50-100% is pretty easy by forgoing insignificant day-to-day leisures like no coffee, eat out less, etc etc.