Question Choice for new keyboard - G915 or G815?


Oct 3, 2015
I'm thinking about purchasing a mechanical keyboard and I could use some advise. I've always used low-profile keyboards, so I've now stopped on either G915 or G815. The G915 would definitely be more useful as I could move with it around the house, however as a hardcore esport gamer who often visits LAN tournaments, I need to travel with the keyboard as well. My questions are:
  • Is it possible at a tournament where other contestants are using wireless keyboards as well, there to be signal issues between different wireless keyboards?
  • Is the cable which comes with the wireless keyboard just used for charging or when I'm at my PC I can actually use it as a wired keyboard? As I assume even though it says the response time should be the same wired or not, it probably isn't.
  • If I use the cable while I'm at my PC, (which is most of the time) will it hurt the battery over time?
Which one would be your choice if 80% of the time I'll use it in front of the PC anyway? Should I get the wired one and then just buy a very cheap wireless one if I have to move around?


1: definitely. These things usually all use the BT band so it may end up causing interference.
2: you might have to call and ask Logitech. It probably does work wired like my Logitech mouse does but I'm sure you need a more definitive answer.
3. shouldn't. The keybd should have a smater then that power controller chip that won't let you cook the battery. Again, this is probably best for Logitech to answer.