Choice of router and how to improve my home network

Jan 10, 2019
Hi All,
I have recently moved to a new apartment which has an old router. The internet coverage is quite bad so I would like to improve my home network.

The apartment is a 90-square-meter flat. I have a 1/1Gb Internet and the only net socket is located in the cornet of the house where the router is placed. I have two NAS drives and a raspberry pi connected to the router and I have some simple port forwarding in place. My TV and PS4 are in the leaving room and both use the wifi to connect.

I have mapped the wireless quality using Netapp and here is the result

In the figure X marks the tv and ps4 spot.

I have been looking at routers and have come up with these three choices
Asus AC68U, Netgear Nighthawk X6 or X10, Netgear Orbi.

I would like the pros in here to weight on the setup based on the info I have given. What should I do to improve my network quality and which router should I buy.

Please ask me for any additional info you may need.

Thank you in advance.
No wifi is going to get you up to 1G. I'd recommend putting something in the middle if you can. 4x4 mimo. The latest is AC wave 2 mu mimo 3 bands. The client also needs this for it to work. A brand new laptop will likely have 2x2 at least (200Mbs). 4x4 can get you 400Mbs. If you have a desktop try and get it wired. With wifi only you won't be able to utilize your internet very well at all.

I don't think you want a wireless repeater setup, like the Orbi. The new ones are really good. They use more bands to repeat the signal which reduces the bands you can use. If it's the only option to get anything in the main room then it might be worth it. If you can get an ethernet cable in there then a wireless router or AP will be enough.