Jan 21, 2012
Well, hello again people. I have a new question. I am looking into getting a new computer. As i can see it, i have a choice right now between two computers, and I wanted some opinions. First off, the Power Pro J 5:15


If you want to know the specs edit it, otherwise im leaving it be to that price since i dont need the extra stuff that it has.
My ONLY issue is that I do not know the brand, and am not sure if it will be reliable ( as in i dont know if the parts or the computer itself will be good, there are no reviews!).

And people will say they agree but hey:

The mx14......why do i have to link it? Just the common specs that come with it too but maybe,,,,maybe the upgrade for the resolution 1600x900, idk, 1366x768 does seem bad(bare with me, I have been a 17" laptop user for years, never having a smaller laptop before.

So the question is, should i go ahead and get the $640 laptop with basically the same specs as the alienware but cross my fingers that it wont start to have bad parts or something, or save up the money for the mx14 with maybe the upgrade to 1600x900.

So my fellow people, please discuss, and I need your help before week to make my decision.
Hello, your topic seems like you just poured your thoughts out into the post (with bad spelling and grammar at that), with little thought or structure, so don't get surprised that you're getting no response.

What do you plan to use this laptop for?

You say the two laptops are the same, yet they aren't.

So, long story short, mx14 will be better at video games that powernotebooks one. As far as reliability of the powernotebooks, this is the first time I'm hearing about this company.

Looking at their BBB raiting, they've been in business since 2000, but have very little said about them. Looking at their contacts and such, I'm going to take a guess and say that this is a family business run by 1 to 5 people, which is possibly why they are able to offer competitive pricing. I would expect their lead time to be really long since they most likely don't stock their inventory before the order is placed.

Long story short, I'd go with alienware unless you can find solid info on this botique reseller