Question Choosing a 1440p monitor

Dec 8, 2022
Hello. Help me decide on a monitor. I choose between two monitors, this is LG 27GP85-B and Gigabyte M27Q P. On the Internet, I did not find a comparison of these two monitors, but I have a comparison of LG 27 GP850-B with Gigabyte M27Q (without P, as I understand it in the P version of RGB, but in simple BRG and P version is newer) and there is also a comparison of LG 27GP85-B with Gigabyte M27Q X (X version, as I understand it, is better than P and X version is more expensive than LG and P), as I understand from comparisons, Gigabyte has slightly better contrast and the vertical viewing angle is better and less light, while LG seems to have a better picture and a slightly better horizontal viewing angle. Which monitor is better to take and whether it’s worth paying attention to contrast, backlight, viewing angle and other parameters, because I read a lot where they are +/- similar and you won’t notice the difference if the contrast, viewing angle and other parameters are a little bit different? I somehow lean more towards LG.
Link to compare LG 27 GP850-B with Gigabyte M27Q:
Link to compare LG 27 GP850-B with Gigabyte M27Q X:


Mar 29, 2022
Depends on a fair few things...
1: Maximum Spend
2: Screen size limit
3: Freesync? G-Sync? Doesn't matter?
4: What refresh rate do you want? (do note a 120hz monitor = 120fps generally)
Even at 1440p those monitors are overpriced... aka you can get a pretty good monitor for way cheaper
If you want to stick to 1440p/2K I'd recommend the ViewSonic XG2705-2K OMNI (144Hz, IPS, 27", AMD FreeSync Compatible) for £229 at BOX or CCL or £244 at Amazon (UK)
You can go fairly cheaper however if you're willing to drop it to 1080p with either the:

Dell G2722HS (165Hz, IPS, 27", AMD Freesync/Nvidia G-Sync Compatible) for £170 at Amazon UK
ViewSonic XG2705 OMNI (144hz, IPS, 27", AMD Freesync Compatible) for £178 at Novatech (also available at Amazon but for £250)
If you don't mind lower refresh rates and want a larger monitor however these are your best bets for now: (over 30")
Samsung Flat Ultra Wide WQHD Monitor (75hz, LED, 34", AMD Adaptive Sync/Freesync, 4ms response time) for £229 at Walmart
LG 34WP500-B (75hz, IPS, 34", AMD Freesync Compatible, 5ms response time) for £229 at BOX (also available at Amazon but for £273)
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