Question Choosing a backup program


Apr 10, 2009
I'm a former user of NovaBACKUP, looking for a new backup solution for Windows 10. I'm here to ask for recommendations.

I'm leaving NovaBACKUP because they no longer sell it, they only license it a year at a time. (I'd as soon rent my underwear as use limited-term licensed software for an essential function like backup.)

My criteria so far are:
  • An established product with professional standards and a significant user community.
  • Free or sold with perpetual license for a moderate price (preferably under $60).
  • Runs under Windows 10; updates for new versions of Windows may be expected.
  • Has a simple GUI interface that is not prone to cause user error.
  • Can store a set of parameters that I can use to run a specific type of backup by selecting a stored job.
  • Makes backups to removable media of my choice (not to the Cloud).
  • Makes system image backups that can be restored to bare metal by booting a disaster recovery medium.
  • Makes file backups:
    Makes full backups, differential backups, and incremental backups.
    Can restore a complete backup, a single file, or any set of files.
    Can restore an old version of file(s) from an appropriate backup.
    Can back up files that are "in use" by Windows or always-running applications.
I say "my criteria so far" because I added that last item after selecting AOMEI Backupper Standard, and discovering that it can't back up files in use. Until this happened it never occurred to me that a serious backup program might lack that feature. Here's hoping I get no more unpleasant surprises like that one.


I use Macrium Reflect exclusively, and it would seem to meet all your requirements.

Somewhat modified since I wrote this, but the first post here is my basic routine: