Jul 23, 2007
I know this question of which board has been asked many times, but i have specific questions and for a specific purpose. I also don't have all the time in the world to research this and woudl love some advice and help.

First of all i want to build this computer soon.. before the end of september, but the next coulple of weeks would be better. As i see it this limits me to 3 chipsets p35, 680i or waiting for the x38.

Now i want this computer to last... and i mean last.. like 3-5 years. And it will be for gaming, no photoshopping or anything else performance requiring. I plan on watercooling and overclocking i na year... and upgrading parts in 2 years.....But i also don't plan on doing too much upgrading (cpu/ram or gpu read below).

My first major question is what is more important... say in 2 years. To be able to sli my 8800 gtx... hence a 680i sli. Or to get faster ddr 3 memory, hence a combo board/ or ddr3 board x38/p35.

if the answer is 680i, what boards are good overclockers (but not extreme), and very stable, striker/evga a1/asus non striker version ??? i dont care about a small overclocking boost if its less stable.

if the answer is x38/p35 .... is x38 worth waiting for?...and which type of board to get RAM wise. i dont really know if i want to invest in dd3 right now... my options are to get 1066, 4gb ddr ram(if i go the 680i)...in a ddr 2 board, get 2gb 1066 ddr ram in a combo board and later upgrade to ddr3, or just get the chepeast ddr3 ram now and upgrade it later. also which p35 boards are most stable? i obviously cant ask that aobut x38 boards... and that is a big minus....

basicly i want to know what is more important over the next 4 years. ddr3, or sli (for games only)
i do have monitor thats lke 1400 native resolution, and might get a larger one when i ugprade, but maybe not.


Apr 10, 2007
If you're trying to stretch it 3-5 years, I would suggest waiting for the x38 boards should be out mid september from what I have heard. One with pci-e2.0 and ddr3 (not sure if the pci-e2.0 standard will be available on first x38's)

Get the best DDR3 you can afford.

That should leave a lot of room for upgrades.

If you're looking for good stable p35 board I can suggest from experience the gigabyte P35-DS3R, I love mine!