Choosing a every-day Laptop


Aug 29, 2011
Hi, i want to buy a laptop for outdoor activity. I will play movies [ HD If possible], music, surfing the web and a little bit of PhotoShop, no heavy games, maybe those 3-4 years old. In all stores i saw Laptops with i7-26xx QM , 4/6/8 Ram and gt 540/550 or hd 5xxx/6xxx M. Which should be the components for my purpose told before? It's urgent and i need some quick help. Thank you.


Since you don't really do much gaming, you will do fine with the 540m for example.
Even the HD3000 graphics on the CPU will do ok for some light gaming.
4GB is enough memory, but if you can get a nice deal it can have more.

For your purpose i think you could even opt for a i5 dual core CPU (i5-23xx), it will run things fast enough and HD playback is not an issue.

So it basically comes down to the fact that how big do you want it to be, so that you can choose the correct size for you.

i5-23xx or better
4GB ram
HD3000/GT540M/5650 or higher will work for you fine

Personally I would like 1600x900 display resolution as the minimum, but 1366x768 will work if needs be.
They pretty much go up to FullHD or even 1920x1200. It really matters more how the display looks and feels that the resolution.