choosing a gaming laptop

Jun 13, 2018
Ok so i am in the market for a gaming laptop. I am looking to spend around 1500-2000. I have just found a deal for an HP Omen 17t with 144hz IPS G-Sync screen, i7 6 Cores, GTX-1070, 1TB SATA w/16GB PCle Obtane Memory, 16 GB Ram, and i can get it for 1399 with a 20% off coupon. However, Im curious if its worth spending 500 more and getting a similar configuration in the newer Omen X. Im also looking at the Alienware 15 and 17 models. They only seem to have 120hz TN panels though. Is that an issue or would i be happier with the Omen 144hz IPS? Ive also checked ASUS , Acer, MSI and Razer models but Im unsure of, out of all of these, which one will give me the best all around experience and reliability. Also, Is a GTX 1070 good for a 144hz screen, or would I be just as well off getting a 60hz. One last thing, my local best buy has a last year model Alienware 15 forsale with 7th gen i7, gtx 1070, 60hz G-Sync panel, 1TB SATA/256 GB SSD, 16GB ram that was a display model. Theyre asking 1101.99. Would that be my best option or one of other models. Id like to stay as close to 1500 as possible, but willing to go up to 2k if it is still the best value.


Jun 26, 2015
If you're not playing under the sun all day or with a flashlight behind you, the TN is pretty good if not a little better, usually with faster response. But if you do play outside or with sun in the factor, you won't see anything without an IPS.

Secondly compare what size and weight are you comfortable with. 17 inch means better visibility for your games, a bit heavier tho. A SSD would help load games and Windows faster.