Question Choosing a Graphics card with my spec

Feb 23, 2019
Hi all
I am building a budget sff pc. Friends and family keep asking for me to join them in GTA V.
I have GTA V installed on the pc with the on board graphics with low settings but it's Laggy.

I have done a lot of searching on low profile graphics cards, and have now hit a brick wall. Not sure what to get.

I have been looking at
Geforce GT730 ddr3 2gb
MSI GT 710 2G (recommend 300w)

My problem is the power supply, as it is only a 220w

My specs below.
Acer Veriton X6420g
I5 3570 3.4ghz
16gb memory
The power supply is 220w

Which low profile graphics card would you recommend to run GTA V. Looking around £50
Interface Type: PCI Express x16 2.0
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You have two requirements.
1. you need a low profile card.
2, It needs to be powered only by the pcie x16 slot.

A possible added caveat is how wide of a card can your case handle.
A photo or image of the back would be helpful.

The GT710 is not much better than the integrated graphics you already have.

A GT730 card is about the lowest performing card that can be considered gaming quality.
It comes in three variants.
The 128 bit DDR3 model is the slowest.
The 64 bit DDR3 model is faster because it has more CUDA cores.
The DDR5 unit is the fastest.

A more reasonable card might be a GT1030
Here is one:

A GTX1050 or possibly even a GTX1050ti is the strongest that will run without aux power.
220w might be problematic.
Also, the GTX1050 cards tend to need dual slots .
Here is an example:
I think to be safe with your 220w psu, the GT1030 might be best.
It is a 30w card.
The GTX1050 is a 75w card.
Your 3570 is a 77w processor.
But, one can not always count on psu specs.
Certainly a GT1030 will be much better than your integrated graphics.