Mar 4, 2011

I am looking to buy a new monitor, but have problem choosing between a couple of screens.
I recently upgraded from an old screen to my first 1440p screen, I got the ACER Predator XB271HU, but now I am considering taking it back and going with another monitor.

The two monitors I have been looking at are the LG 27GL850 and the ASUS P27QZ

So a few things I’ve been considering, how good is HDR on these screens? The LG has it while the ASUS does not.

G-Sync vs G-Sync compatible, LG is compatible while the ASUS has G-sync (I have a GTX 1080)

My current experience with an IPS display (ACER XB271HU) it looks very good, but what I read about IPS displays before buying might have left me with too high expextations? Because I am not personally blown away, might also be that the ACER is not top quality.

I mostly use my monitor for Gaming (both PC and PS4 Pro) playing a very wide variety of games.

Lastly there is pricing, it’s not really an issue, but who doesn’t like to make a good deal on any product, and where I live the ASUS is about 150-200 dollars more expensive than the LG.

So any advice from anyone would be appreciated, any other recommendations aswell. If anyone have tried these monitors and have compared them.
Any help is much appreciated.