[SOLVED] Choosing a new gpu


Mar 23, 2018
Hello guys! I am considering something and i will stop first here to ask you for little advice. Now i have Rtx 2080 ti with about 6 months warranty left, the card has been solid for those years, maybe the best one i had. But now i want to do a little performance upgrade i am playing on 1440p now and the card is good for fps games and other. I am considering to sell this card and get Rtx 3080 lhr 10gb because it is a little better in performance and the price is about 1500 euros where i live. The rtx 3080 ti seems too expensive. I want new fresh gpu with little gain over the rtx 2080 ti and is this worth it or not?
Unless you can get the 3080 for a very similar amount to what your 2080ti would sell for, no, it's not worth it.

Buying a scalped 1500 euro GPU is not a wise choice when the 2080ti is not very far behind.