Question Choosing a new ultrawide monitor on a budget

David Mather

Jul 5, 2013
It's been a while since i was last on this forum, but i am looking for some opinions/help/experiences in potentially choosing a new monitor.
I currently have a 2 monitor setup with a decade old Samsung monitor which was just bought on sale at the local IT shop and a BenQ monitor which was a bit more pricey but is now also reaching around 8 years soon, so i feel like it's time for an upgrade!

I have been interested in going over to a ultrawide monitor for a cleaner look and less occupied space on my desk than currently, while still being able to "split" the screen in 2 depending on which tasks im doing.

The 3 options i have been looking at which fit within my budget are the following:
MSI 34" Curved Gamingmonitor MAG342CQR
Samsung 34" Odyssey G5 C34G55T Curved
AOC 34" Curved Gamingmonitor CU34G2X/BK
(I'm from Denmark and im unsure of where to find links for these monitors for everyone)

The Samsung and AOC are around the same price with the MSI being a little more expensive than the others. I have eyeing the MSI screen mostly.
My biggest insecurity with choosing a monitor is obviously choosing the "best" one for the price but also i am unsure about that fact that i will be running on a EVGA Geforce GTX 1080 SC and i want to be sure that the GPU can run these monitors optimally but also i don't really have experience with the whole Freesync/GSync thing as it was never a concern or priority in the past.

I have googled a bit on the MSI screen about Gsync and found mostly positive experiences even though it says its only Freesync.

Thanks to everyone for their help in advance as i have always been able to get good advice here 😊