Question Choosing a PSU for my current Setup (Ryzen 2200G + GeForce 1060 6GB OC)

Aug 26, 2019
Hello, This is my first post so i would like to apologize in advance if I am missing or lacking any crucial or necessary information that would help resolve my problem. I've been looking up some answers myself online but couldn't come with a solution as I am not that familiar with computer building yet.

So what happened was I bought a second hand GPU (GeForce 1060 6GB OC from another person) Everything went well and it was working fine for about an hour or two and then it was suddenly going to a white screen with a screeching sound followed by a restart, This happened on multiple occasions and now it's been doing it after 5 minutes of turning on the PC so I decided to disconnect the GPU and simply rely on the APU as I have been doing before . I consulted the person who sold me the GPU right away and he said that my PSU might be the problem, The PSU I have is called Lumen CT-600, I have found out from another thread that the 12v rail has to be at least 41a and the one I have (on it's sticker) has +12v1 = 23a +12v2 = 23a and -12v = 0.5A. SO most likely the problem is indeed the PSU. That being said, I am on a tight budget, I can buy a PSU on a price range of $60-65 max (based on current Philippine peso to US dollar conversion) That's about 3128 - 3,300 Philippine peso.

I tried to find a suitable PSU for my setup but couldn't come up with a decision as I am really on a tight budget and if i miss buying the right one, I won't be able to use the card, it only has a personal warranty and it's been with me for 2 weeks now, The seller has really been patient with me but I know that soon it would run out.

This link is where i look up the PSU. I would really appreciate the help!

All information I know about my PC

Ryzen 3 2200G
Motherboard: Emaxx A320-Gaming
PSU: Lumen CT-600
GPU: GeForce 1060 6GB OC (assuming it means factory overclocked?)